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In general, building/developing a webshop or an online store is not easy. There are many tasks on our list, and more to come when stepping forward. So it’s good if we do have a starting point and there is a package that we can use already as an online store provider.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the popular packages and then our package, Bazar.


Clearly, this is the biggest system by the numbers. It has a quite big ecosystem. It also has Laravel, TYPO3, and Symfony drivers.


  • Drop-in, you can start fast and inside any project
  • Detailed documentation
  • Wide range of payment gateways
  • Modular

If you are planning or already maintaining a smaller scale webshop, Aimeos might not be the best choice for you, however, for a bigger scale, this can be a considerable option.


Bagisto is a standalone shop application with a lot of features. If you want an integration with a running application, this might not be the best choice for you. But if you’re willing to build a store from scratch, you might give it a shot.


  • Easy package development
  • Detailed documentation
  • Custom themes
  • Translation management


Vanilo is a modular e-commerce platform for Laravel. The code is way smaller than Aimeos’ or Bagisto’s source code. This is not a disadvantage, it makes the package more flexible and easier to integrate.


  • Modular
  • Detailed documentation
  • Product properties
  • Flexible cart
  • Settings module


This is a bit different than the other platforms. GetCandy is headless, which means it provides an interface that lets you build your custom store on top of it easily.


  • Headless
  • Easy custom store integration
  • Detailed documentation
  • Flexible admin hub


No surprise, Bazar is our project. It is a very young one, so it is still taking its shape. However, there are some things already that might encourage you to give it a shot.


  • Drop-in – works as a package
  • Detailed documentation
  • Nice and intuitive admin UI
  • Flexible and extendable core
  • Modular, contract-based integrations

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