About the Advertisement

Getting an advertisement on the web today is a personal choice, we think this is cool if you use an ad-blocker no problem.

We work on Pine in our free time as a side project, and we love every piece of it. Currently, our traffic is not too much, but we plan to grow in every way; to secure this, we have to advertise 3rd party, sponsor, and affiliate format.

For display ads, we use Carbon Ads, which serves web related advertisement, which we think could be useful for our audience.

Please note that we may display advertisement in affiliate or sponsored format. You can learn more about here.

We also display affiliate links from products we love and use. Mostly these are presented in banner formats, but it can be embedded into the text too. We do our best not to overuse them and mark them clearly before or after the article.

All the best,
Adam and Gergő