Automatically Send a Copy of the Email to the Sender in Contact Form 7

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Sending an email from a webpage has its pros and cons, but it is a nice feature. In this small article, let’s see one of the disadvantages related to the sender.

What are the Problems

If I fill a contact form on any website, the email doesn’t go through my preferred email client. This is bad for me because I can’t archive it, I won’t remember when I sent it and what was its content.

Another problem is that I usually don’t get feedback on my message status. Most clients would notify you if one of your messages bounced back.

The mentioned issues are easy to solve in CF7 and make your site more usable, so why not do it?

Set Additional Headers

We can use two helpful email headers in our form’s settings page named Cc (carbon copy) and Bcc (blind carbon copy). Both are useful for copy sending, but the Bcc does it anonymously.

We can declare these as a row in our email’s “Additional Headers” field like so:

This image shows where you can set the additional headers in Contact Form 7.
Modify additional headers in Contact Form 7.
Note that you must use separate rows for each record.

If we use a Cc header with the sender’s email address ([your-email]), we can send her/him a copy of the message.

Use Mail (2)

In Contact Form 7, we can send and edit two different emails in the settings. The first is our message. The second is hidden by default, but we can turn it on, and we can do whatever we want with it as an additional email.

The second email can serve as a confirmation message with a thank you. In this way, we can inform the user that we got the message. Combining this method with the previous one, we can fix a lot of on-site email sending bottleneck.

This image shows where you can turn on the mail (2).
Turn on the secondary email.

The config of the second email works the same as the first. You can get the necessary headers and the message as you needed.

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