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Contact Form 7 is an excellent extension for forms in WordPress. By default, we can achieve a lot with it, but sometimes we have to expand it.

If we need a simple form which sends contact information to an email address, then we are right. But what is the deal when we want more?

Fortunately, CF7 has a big ecosystem of extensions for almost any task. In this list, you will find the ones which we use frequently.

Flamingo for Storing Messages

Contact Form 7 doesn’t store the sent emails in the database, and it is constant demand. Saving your emails should be useful in case of any error. You can short, download the messages as you need.

There are plenty of plugins for this, but we mostly choose Flamingo.

Honeypot to Fighting Against Spam

We aren’t the biggest fan of the traditional captcha solutions; for this reason, we first implement a honeypot solution if there is a lot of spam.

Contact Form 7 Honeypot is an excellent plugin for solving our spam problems with custom fake fields to trick the bots.

Conditional Fields for More Functionality

If you have a complex form or you want to handle multiple forms in one you need some condition. Conditional Fields for CF7 serves the purpose; using it, we can set up condition groups based on predefined field values.

Multi-Step Forms

Sometimes it is a good option the break a long form into smaller steps. To solve this demand, we can use NinjaTeam’s multi-step extension.

PayPal & Stripe Add-on

One of the easiest ways to request payment on a website is a simple form. You can handle it quickly and set up various reply emails depend on the amount.

With PayPal & Stripe integration you can handle payment from anywhere in the world.

Really Simple CAPTCHA

If you need other spam protection than honeypot, you can grab this extension. It will help you to stop any spam message through your forms.

Dynamic Text Extension

If you want an even better the CF7 plugin this extension is for you. You can add prepopulated fields like post title, id, user data, or anything through a shortcode; this is a fantastic addon for unique needs.

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