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In WordPress, depending on what URL you want to query, there are many methods. For example, we usually access the URL with the get_permalink() function, but this solution only works for single views of any post type.

Let’s see how we can get the current URL in WordPress:

global $wp;
echo esc_url(home_url($wp->request));

Using $wp global, we can access our request, which we can pass to the home_url() function to convert to a full URL. The $wp->request includes just the path URL like /about/us.

If you want to get an URL with query parameters you should also use the add_query_arg() function like so:

global $wp;
echo esc_url(home_url(add_query_arg([$_GET]), $wp->request));

As you see, we also used the esc_url() function to escape our URLs before displaying them.

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