How to Check If a Jetpack Module is Active

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Jetpack is an amazing multi-tool WordPress plugin which extends WP’s capabilities. It comes which a bunch of individual plugins like photon or infinite-scroll.

There are cases where we need to know which module is turned on. A frequent use case is an infinite-scroll module. If we want to load our post on a scroll or a simple button click – in an infinite way – we can use Jetpack too. But if we turn on this extension, we have to hide our themes original pagination, and this is where the is_module_active() functions come into the picture.

If you want to check a module find the proper name to the function like the following:

if ( class_exists( 'Jetpack' ) && !Jetpack::is_module_active( 'infinite-scroll' ) ) {

Here you can find some popular module names:

  • carousel
  • comments
  • contact-form
  • custom-css
  • enhanced-distribution
  • gplus-authorship
  • gravatar-hovercards
  • infinite-scroll
  • json-api
  • likes
  • markdown
  • minileven
  • monitor
  • notes
  • photon
  • post-by-email
  • publicize
  • related-posts
  • sharedaddy
  • shortcodes
  • shortlinks
  • sso
  • stats
  • subscriptions
  • tiled-gallery
  • vaultpress
  • videopress
  • widget-visibility
  • widgets

Note that Jetpack is under continuous so these can change. To check all of the available modules check this URL:

Get The Data From Option

Nice to know that you can also get the enabled extensions from an option named jetpack_active_modules:

print_r( get_option( 'jetpack_active_modules' ) );

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