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When it comes to web design, the look is matters. Every designer wants to make a pleasant looking and usable interface.

For this reason, we always search for the resources that could help us to be and design better.

I design for the web for a long time. I can’t estimate the massive amount of time that I spent just for searching to the right appearance. Just think about the stock images and illustrations. Fortunately, the selection is vast but can be time-consuming to choose and pricy.

Everybody has their tools and services which he/she likes to use when designing—the next three the tree ones, which helps me the most. I think with these tree tools; I can add a little plus to my designs. All of them are paid, but not the most expensive.


The icons are one of the basic building blocks of a well-designed UI. Everywhere you navigate on the web, you will meet them. Usually, these do the job that you don’t even consciously notice. Fortunately, we have a lot of free (in some format) great icon packs like the Material and Font Awesome.

Flaticon is a prominent icon library which is available both in free and premium subscription. Here you can find everything you need in good quality. There are a lot of variations for everything, a bunch of packs, and more complex solutions.

This is not just an everyday UI icon library (with pictograms) but with a lot of intricate illustrations too. The selection is enormous, and there are some plus services. We can generate icon libraries from collections or create a pattern.

It has a yearly ~100$ fee, but there are always actions, so for the first year, you can usually get it with a 40-50% discount.


Freepik is a classical stock website where you can find images and illustrations. The same company makes it as Flaticon. The pricing is also similar, and sometimes you can get a deal for a subscription for both tools. We can also use it free with limitations.

Freepik’s main advantage was the illustrations. It has an excellent and vast collection. Today the illustration is a popular trend in web design. Here we can find good ones, and because they are vector-based, we can easily modify them.

Unfortunately, you will need Adobe Illustrator to open the files correctly. For some reason, the SVG format isn’t supported.

Lately, the photo offer is expanding widely. Now there is a lot of quality stock photos too for download.

Adobe Fonts

Choosing the right font is critical and means a lot in the overall design. With Google Fonts, we access some high-quality font, but with Adobe Fonts can use more.

Using Adobe Fonts, we can choose from the top fonts for a monthly fee (if you are a Creative Cloud subscriber). After the subscription, we can use the fonts in our designs or on the web.

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