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Writing an application is a hard and resource-consuming job. However, after you release the application that you were working on for months, another hard task is coming up. Running and maintain it. Let’s see some useful tools that you may use for your projects!

Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge is the best surface to run your Laravel application. It’s written by the Laravel team, so you can imagine your back is covered. You can easily set up your application on a fresh server and deploy it as you want.

SSL, scheduler, queues, SSH keys, PHP settings, DB settings, Git integrations and so on. These are some of the many services that Laravel Forge offers. Worth to try!


Laravel Envoyer provides a zero-downtime solution for your deployment. Using Envoyer let you running your application even when you are deploying a new release. When the deployment is done, the new application will be activated without any black-out.

Oh Dear

This solution helps you monitor your application’s health status. When something goes wrong, you receive a notification about the issue, so you can react as soon as possible and fix the problem.

Laravel Shift

Laravel ships a new release every half year. This means if you don’t pay attention, your application quickly can be an outdated project. Also, migrating between versions can be painful and risky, especially if you are doing it manually. Laravel Shift provides a nice and automated solution for this problem. You can easily upgrade your application without any pain.

Laravel Vapor

Vapor is the newest solution from the Laravel team. Vapor brings a serverless deployment platform with automated scaling. If you rather automatize nearly all your configuration and deployment you might be interested. Vapor is in early access now, but soon it should be available for the public.

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