What is a CSS Framework?

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A CSS framework is a complete library that helps you create faster and more coherent. Besides this, it gives you a base system and ships with a set of UI components you can customize and include in your project.

Why Do We Need a CSS Framework?

The main goal of every type of framework is speed; you don’t have to start every project from scratch. If you have an excellent tool that can manage your expectations, you can create in a more manageable way in the long run:

  • you will be familiar with the tool,
  • you will always know what to find, where and how to implement something,
  • you will get updates and community support.
Note that a CSS framework (or any framework) is also just a tool. Knowing what is under the hood has tremendous value and can spare you a lot of trouble, but it has a steeper learning curve.

What Does a CSS Framework Do?

  • It uses normalize.css and/or a CSS reset to achieve better cross-browser compatibility.
  • It gives you a basic typography system: the ability to setting up the different sizes (preferably with a ratio) and an option for managing fluid sizes.
  • It gives you the option to color modes, like dark mode.
  • It gives styling for essential form elements.
  • It gives you access to a set of extended UI components.

What Types of CSS Frameworks Exist?

There are many types of CSS frameworks that solve similar problems differently, just to mention a few categories: utility-first, component-based, and classless.

Choosing one always depends on your needs and context.

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