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In January 2020, we’ve started to work on a new package for Laravel that provides a wide range of e-commerce features for your application. Now, we are about to finish the version v0.1, so let’s take a look at Bazar!

Why building another package?

This has several reasons, let me share some:

  • The currently available e-commerce solutions are mostly Laravel applications and not Laravel packages. We wanted to create a drop-in experience, that can be easily integrated with running Laravel applications as well.
  • Many of these packages have many dependencies. We wanted to create a package that pulls in the fewest dependency in your application as possible.
  • Extending these packages – registering taxes, discounts, item properties, media conversions, etc. – as we experienced was a bit hacky. We wanted to create an interface, where you easily can register what you want quickly and surely.

So what are the core features in Bazar?

As version 0.1.0 – that we consider as an beta – we implemented the following features:

  • User, product, variation, order, transaction, category, media and address CRUD management,
  • built-in cookie based cart management and easily extensible cart drivers,
  • tax and discount management,
  • payment gateways,
  • shipping methods,
  • simple notifications,
  • intuitive admin UI,
  • checkout service,
  • slick documentation.

Our goal until the stable 1.0.0 release to stablize the package API and focus on the smaller features that we might missed out.

Getting Started with Bazar

First of all let make us clear: while Bazar is ready to use, you might not build your next big webshop using this package. First of all because of the possible API changes and secondly we’re waiting for issues / PRs / bugreports to make it better and better.

If you feel you are interested in the package and maybe in contributing as well, please visit the documentation for more information about the first steps.

Need a web developer? Maybe we can help, get in touch!

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