Some Great Podcast for Front-end Developers

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We the front-end developers like to learn, and we have to learn, or we fall behind the fast train of technology. The front-end ecosystem is never stopping to grow and always developing.


In the learning process, we have to be creative and get all the necessary information to be a little bit better developer. In my opinion, one of the best non-standard ways of learning is the podcasts. I know that this is not the most efficient way of learning but for sure this is the most entertaining. This type of information transfer is more personal. The fundamental part of the genre is the good lecturer skill because of a lot of speaking. Nowadays I usually listen to podcasts on a walk/running instead of music.

I use Pocket Casts which is a great app; you can find almost any podcast on it!

There is a lot of good show, and this list is far away from complete. These shows are my personal favorites, and I bravely recommend for you too!

Shop Talk Show

To be honest, I don’t know how many episodes I listened to from it. The Shop Talk Show currently has 268 episodes which are a lot!

The two hosts are Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. I think I don’t have to introduce them. They are two main characters in the web development area.

In the show, you can find everything that is related to web development. There is two main part: episodes in a particular topic with guest(s) and the rapidfire episodes where Chris and Dave answer listener’s questions. Earlier I wasn’t a big fan of the rapidfire episodes, but now this is my best liked. You can collect a lot of information from it. Usually, in one show there is 8-10 question/answer part.

CodePen Radio

As a front-end dev, I’m sure at one point you used Codepen. It is an editor and much more in the browser. Codepen isn’t just a front-end tool it is a business which is continuously improving. The Codepen Radio is the founders, Alex’s, Chris’s, and Tim’s podcast about the daily development and challenges. If you are an entrepreneur, it is obligatory.


The Toolsday is a short usually 20-ish-minute long podcast from the latest web-dev technology by Chris and Una. The show is short and meaningful. If you want to up to date but your time is limited this is for you!

Motion and Meaning

Do you love UI animation? The Motion and Meaning is a podcast dedicated to the animation from Val and Cennydd. One season is 10 episode, and there are two of them. The episode number currently not too much but this is a less familiar and new thread of the front-end development.

The Path to Performance

This podcast is all about web performance. Katie and Tim talk with various guests who integrated the performance centered web design in their organization or work.

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