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Fortunately, Laravel has a very nice learning curve. The community and the quality resources help you in the next step. But still, like everything, Laravel requires time, practice and research to acquire a deeper knowledge. Here we want to share a list of quality sources, what may help you in learning.

Matt Stauffer’s Blog

Matt Stauffer is well known in the Laravel community. First of all, he is the host of The Laravel Podcast and on the other hand, he runs a blog what contains lots of handful information. If you want to be up-to-date with the Laravel features and releases, we recommend to read and follow his activity.

You can find his blog here.

The Official Documentation

We believe, one Laravel’s greatest hit is the documentation itself. The well structured and designed content does not overwhelm you like we experience most of the cases. It makes understandable the framework through real-life examples.

By the way, we strongly suggest reading the entire documentation after every major release. It helps a lot.

You can find the documentation at this link.

Adam Wathan’s Blog

Laravel makes testing very easy and fun, but still, we have a lot to learn to write tests what covers our needs. Adam Wathan, the author of Refactoring to Collections, helps a lot to get familiar with TDD or testing itself. He has the knowledge and the experience what most of the developers would love to own. But good news, he shares what he knows, so following him is the best thing you can do.

His blog is here, also he launched a series about Test Driven Laravel, you may want to take a look as well.

Diving Laravel

Mohamed Said, the core contributor to the framework, started a project, where he explains how the packages and technologies work. He is doing a very good job. But to be honest, these topics are a bit more advanced. You can pick up a lot of handy information by reading his writings, related to the back-end world.

You can find the site here.

Laravel Collections

Laravel Collections is a nice site, where a lot of curated links and quality resources – like tutorials, blog posts, courses – were listed and organized in one place. Be brave to look up the links to find the one that can be handy for you.

You can find the site here.


This is the main source for any Laravel related information. Jeffrey Way is doing a very professional and high-level job by sharing his knowledge and his way of thinking. On the other hand, the forum contains lots of solutions what you might need in the future. Give it a try if you are not a member yet because it boosts your workflow totally. I give my word.

You can find the site at this

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