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Learning and keep up with the new standards is always a challenge for a great developer. For me, the books are the essential ways of learning new things in my area which is mainly front-end development.

One thing is sure; there is a way more beginner CSS book than intermediate or advanced. The main reason is that we can learn a lot of new stuff from the specs or articles. Even so, I’m always happy when I find an advanced book on this topic.

So I collected and checked some of them. In this short list, you can find some excellent and intermediate books about the Cascading Styling Sheet. This writing is also my reading list for this year so come with me, level up together!

Note that this list is far from complete, I’ve tried to collect the ones which are interesting to me. If you read some cool book which is similar to the mentioned ones, please write a comment. Thank you!

CSS in Depth

The CSS in Depth book is hanging out of the list because it can be a great introduction piece for the newbies. The reason why it is still here because it is almost everything that a modern developer should know about the stylesheets and the repetitions never hurts. You can find a comprehensive section of the CSS Grid, CSS modularity and pattern libraries.

The publication is an early access one which will be published in this January, but this is still an estimate. The editorial work started back in August of 2016 (I’ve found it in the previous year). Despite the long writing process, it is an up to date learning resource.

For mor information visit the Manning Publications.

Enduring CSS

The Enduring CSS book is focusing on the large-scale projects and applications. This book gives you a methodology (ECSS) which can help you handle your long-term projects.

Every one of us faced the hardly maintainable CSS codes. The ones that are a pain when you have to modify or add something to it. Unfortunately, I’m often frivolous when I’m writing stylesheets, and after this, sometimes I neglect the refactoring. This publication can give you and me a better approach to maintainability and scalability.

You can buy this book on Leanpub.

CSS Refactoring

As the saying goes, it is easy to write CSS but hard to master it. Everybody who wrote CSS in a more extended project can confirm this.

This issue is focusing on the refactoring your stylesheets which is necessary on a more significant project. Learn new techniques, find antipatterns and recognize when your code is perfect.

This book is avialable on O’Reilly’s Safari or on Amazon.

Atomic Design

Atomic Design is a new methodology which can help you build any size of user interface like a breeze. In this technique, there are a lot of components (smaller or bigger) named after a physics-based term. In the end, it gives you a sophisticated system to manage your daily CSS challenges.

This technique is entirely new, but it is proved its necessity in complexity it is something like SMACSS.

You can get this issue from the author.

CSS Secrets

To be honest, I’ve already read this book, and it is one of my favorite. This one is a technique and tip collection based on a lot of different CSS parts like shapes and typography.

I’m hundred percent sure that you will learn a lot of cool tips from it as I did.

This book is avialable on O’Reilly’s Safari or on Amazon.

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