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Contact Form 7 is a great plugin and almost our choice all the time when we need to send a form.

Because it is so popular and reliable, we can access a lot of plugins and custom solutions to achieve our goals. Here at Pine, we wrote some articles about it, so let’s see them!

Send Dynamic Emails to Authors

Although this isn’t an everyday use case, it can be useful for any dynamic recipient. To create and populate a dynamic form field is easy.

More information about the dynamic author field.

How to Handle Spam Protection

If you have a form somewhere on the web, you will get a massive amount of spam if you don’t protect it. Fortunately, today, we have a lot of possibilities to implement a spam protection solution for our Contact Form 7 instances.

More information about spam protection.

Catch CF7’s JavaScript Events

Contact Form 7 is operating with JavaScript so that it will send and handle the sending without a page reloading. Because of this, we often need to catch a state – like the successful sending – to run an action (like to trigger a Google Analytics event).

More information about Contact Form 7’s JavaScript events.

Style Contact Form 7

If you want to create a pleasant and unique result with is looks good in your custom theme, you have to customize the styling. Modify, or write your CSS and style the look of the form is not a problem.

More information about the form styling.

Add a Dynamic Select List

Adding a dynamic select is often needed if you have a complex website; this is something that you can quickly achieve if you use CF7.

More information about dynamic selects.

Load reCaptcha Only When You Need It

ReCaptcha is a powerful solution to block spams. The V3 also works invisible, and it is integrated into the plugin. There is only one problem, which is it loads a lot of unnecessary files on pages where isn’t any form.

Use reCaptcha only when you need it.

Send Automatic Copy of The Email

Need to send a copy of the email? Or need to give instant feedback to the sender? No problem, you can easily manage these too.

More information about the copy sending.

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